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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

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Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Alabama Huntsville Offline
Alabama RutledgeClearClear86 F67 F54%0 mph NN30.00 in30.06 inHgSteady
Florida Apopka Offline
Florida BradentonMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy86 F77 F76%1 mph NWNW10.00 in30.02 inHgFalling Slowly
Florida Cape CoralPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy92 F75 F58%2 mph WW0.01 in29.99 inHgSteady
Florida Gulf BreezeClearClear84 F65 F54%4 mph WW90.00 in30.07 inHgSteady
Florida HolopawOvercastOvercast83 F77 F82%5 mph NNENNE40.00 in29.86 inHgSteady
Florida Jacksonville-1Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy88 F74 F62%0 mph EE0.00 in29.91 inHgFalling Slowly
Florida JupiterSunnySunny90 F76 F65%7 mph EE70.00 in30.01 inHgSteady
Florida New Port RicheyMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy90 F75 F63%11 mph NWNW0.00 in30.06 inHgSteady
Florida Panama CityPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy88 F66 F48%2 mph WW10.00 in30.06 inHgSteady
Florida Port RicheyMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy84 F77 F80%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in29.88 inHgSteady
Florida Port Saint LuciePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy90 F75 F61%3 mph ENEENE40.00 in30.01 inHgSteady
Florida SouthportClearClear87 F66 F50%5 mph NN10.00 in30.07 inHgSteady
Florida St. James City Offline
Florida The HammocksClearClear91 F72 F54%6 mph ESEESE120.00 in30.00 inHgFalling Slowly
Georgia Atlanta Offline
Georgia CantonClearClear81 F62 F51%3 mph NWNW60.00 in30.09 inHgSteady
Georgia DaculaOvercastOvercast82 F63 F53%1 mph SWSW20.00 in30.15 inHgFalling Slowly
Georgia DaltonSunnySunny83 F61 F48%0 mph NENE0.00 in30.11 inHgSteady
Georgia Ellijay (East)ClearClear80 F58 F47%1 mph WNWWNW50.00 in30.11 inHgSteady
Georgia McDonough Offline
Georgia RinconMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy84 F76 F78%0 mph NNWNNW20.01 in30.04 inHgSteady
Kentucky Crab OrchardClearClear81 F54 F37%3 mph WNWWNW30.00 in30.18 inHgSteady
Mississippi EllisvilleClearClear83 F58 F42%2 mph NNENNE70.00 in30.12 inHgSteady
Mississippi Meadville-84 F68 F60%1 mph WNWWNW40.00 in30.06 inHgSteady
North Carolina BensonMainly FineMainly Fine82 F59 F46%2 mph NNENNE0.00 in30.04 inHgSteady
North Carolina CalabashSunnySunny83 F65 F54%3 mph NENE20.00 in30.07 inHgSteady
North Carolina Fuquay VarinaFew CloudsFew Clouds86 F57 F38%1 mph SESE40.00 in30.06 inHg--
North Carolina GillburgFogFog82 F56 F41%0 mph SSESSE0.00 in30.09 inHgSteady
North Carolina Mount AiryClearClear77 F54 F44%5 mph WW140.00 in30.06 inHgSteady
North Carolina New BernClearClear81 F62 F54%5 mph SESE0.00 in30.10 inHgSteady
North Carolina SmithfieldClearClear86 F52 F32%0 mph NN10.00 in29.90 inHgSteady
North Carolina Waynesville-72 F54 F53%0 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.06 inHgFalling Rapidly
North Carolina WhittierPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy59 F58 F95%0 mph ESEESE0.00 in30.13 inHgSteady
North Carolina WilmingtonClearClear79 F62 F56%0 mph ESEESE0.00 in30.06 inHgFalling Slowly
South Carolina Little RiverClearClear83 F62 F49%4 mph NENE80.00 in30.07 inHgSteady
South Carolina LorisCloudy2Cloudy282 F63 F53%2 mph NENE20.00 in30.07 inHgSteady
South Carolina SummervilleMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy87 F64 F46%2 mph NN30.00 in30.09 inHgSteady
Tennessee BartlettPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy85 F62 F47%0 mph NWNW0.00 in30.13 inHgFalling
Tennessee BrucetonClearClear79 F57 F46%1 mph SSWSSW10.00 in30.16 inHgFalling Rapidly
Tennessee FayettevilleClearClear44 F37 F76%1 mph WW10.00 in29.71 inHgSteady
Tennessee NashvilleMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy79 F61 F54%0 mph WNWWNW40.00 in30.13 inHgSteady
Virginia Hampton Offline

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Port St Lucie FL is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.






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